MISSION: Jewelry made of 100% renewable energy

We care about nature - a lot. The studio itself is located on a beautiful property outside Banja Luka, surrounded by nature and a beautiful landscape that is an insatiable inspiration for what we do.

All the water used to make our jewelry was collected from the rainwater that had accumulated on the lake on the estate. Wanting to go that route, the goal of our Tekne brand is to make it synonymous with successful products that are produced exclusively from renewable energy sources.

The jewelry itself requires three firings in an electric ceramic kiln that consumes a lot of electricity. Although we are connected to the electricity network whose source is a hydroelectric power plant, we believe we can do better.

A project of complete transition to renewable energy sources is planned. We want to equip our studio for the production of electricity that will primarily use solar energy and wind energy. In this way, we will have products that are fully produced using renewable energy sources. 

In addition to the beauty of the jewelry itself, we believe that it is very important to have a brand that will represent something more, and that is sustainability and balance with the nature that surrounds us. 

The complete transition project will be realized by the end of 2021.