How to buy?

Buying jewelry on our platform. Select the jewelry you want to buy with the Add to Cart option. When you have finished shopping, select Cart from the main menu. A page will open containing all the information about the price and delivery. After selecting the Go to Payment option, enter your details as well as the jewelry delivery address. The last step is to choose a payment method and confirm the order with the Order option.

From who i buy Tekne jewelry?

  1. Tekne shop is an online platform of the Art Studio "Tekne" from Banja Luka for the sale of our jewelry.

Prices in EUR?

Art studio "Tekne" delivers jewelry in several countries, and for that reason we use the currency EUR. If you buy from BiH and pay by cash on delivery, you will be charged in local BAM currency. If you pay through your Paypal account, Paypal will automatically convert the money into your local currency.

Ways to pay?

Cash on delivery - Payment to the postman for the jewelry delivered to you is possible for BiH, Serbia and Montenegro. When checking in, choose the payment method Cash on delivery .


This method of payment is available for all countries to which we deliver jewelry. If you want to pay with PayPal, choose the method of payment during Checkout PayPal.

When can I expect my shipment?

Time of delivery depends of your country. See the list below:

  1. Bosna i Hercegovina – 1 business day
  2. Srbija, Crna Gora – 2-3 business days
  3. Croatia - 4-5 business days
  4. Other EU countries- 7-10 business days

Company info

Art studio “Tekne” s.p. Jana Kuvalja, Ilije Garašanina 54, Banja Luka

WATT:4511044120002, Bank Acc: 5520001869868481